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Welcome to this blog! A note from the founder of Nanajon

Hi! My name is Delphine, and I am the founder of the brand Nanajon.  In this first blog article, I would like to introduce you to the roots of Nanajon, and how this project resonates deeply with my personal journey. Let’s dive in! 

Cultural Discoveries and Transformative Journey

Passionate about travelling, I explored many countries of Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa, which raised my interest for other cultures, traditional patterns and objects.

The idea of Nanajon started with a trip to Uzbekistan, when I visited the country of my partner Jamshid. Together, we explored the cities of the Silk Road, admired the talented work of Uzbek artisans, and I completely fell in love with the culture and traditions of this country located in Central Asia.

Immersing in Authentic Uzbek Life

As we stayed in partner’s family home, I got a chance to discover the real and authentic daily life of people in Uzbekistan. As a home décor enthusiast, I was fascinated by the multi-purpose aspect of rooms and furnishing in the homes, which conveys in a unique way a cozy and welcoming lifestyle.

Inspirations Behind Nanajon

The very strong family aspect of Uzbek culture made me feel welcome and the generous nature of Uzbek people inspired some of the brand values for Nanajon. My background in cultural management and my work for a museum strongly shaped my vision for Nanajon and determination to share stories and cultural traditions beyond products.

Shaping Nanajon: Challenges and Values

I was also fairly new to the retail sector and had limited experience with the textile industry when I created Nanajon. The first months marked a lot of discovery for me, but also disappointment as I was realising how complex it was to produce sustainably and how poor the traceability was in the sector as well as waste. This shaped Nanajon and the brand values.

Honouring Traditions: The Essence of Nanajon

Nanajon means ‘dear mom’ in Uzbek. It is both a respectful and affectionate way to call one’s mom. The talented mothers and women crafting embroidery in Uzbekistan, called ‘suzani’, are at the root of this project, and I wanted to highlight them with the brand name.

Stories and Design: Unveiling Our Collection

This collection is at the crossroad of many influences, and you will discover them here in our blog and on our social media as we love to share the stories and inspirations behind each of our designs.

Feel free to have a look at our collection here, and tell us what you think on our Instagram and Facebook accounts!