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Our Name

Nanajon means ‘dear mom’ in Uzbek. It is both a respectful and affectionate way to call one’s mom. The talented mothers and women crafting embroidery in Uzbekistan, called suzani, are at the root of this project, and we wanted to highlight them with the brand name. The brand is also inspired by the French ‘art de la table’, as a reference to Delphine’s roots in the South West of France.


Our Values

Our brand values revolve around three core principles:

1. Connecting Cultures: We celebrate the warm and hospitable Uzbek lifestyle, coupled with the elegance of the French ‘art de la table.’ We proudly manufacture our products in the UK, supporting local production.

2. Quality and Creativity: Nanajon provides a platform for young designers and sources high-quality, durable materials. We foster excellence and encourage creative innovation.

3. Business for Good: We are socially responsible, committed to sustainable and transparent production processes.


Our Mission

Nanajon’s mission is to offer a wide range of cross-cultural, versatile and elegant home decoration pieces, that will enhance the home and be cherished over time.


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